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Alcohol & Drug
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Counseling / Therapy

Alcohol & Drug Services

The Center for Christian Counseling, Consultation and Training, Inc. (The Center) is a state of Wisconsin certified drug and alcohol clinic. Standard professional services for assessment, treatment and sustained recovery are provided. The Center for Christian Counseling AODA Program encourages Drug and Alcohol abstinence for clients who are willing, able and committed to full recovery. For those clients who are unable or currently not committed to Abstinence we work with a Harm Reduction Model. The Center is a Christian drug treatment program that incorporates the power of walking in faith with our Lord and Savior and prayer as the primary means for recovery. The use of biblical scripture, prayer, professional guidance, and a strong foundation in God allows a person to gain the motivation needed to break the cycle of addiction, or abuse, and to walk the path of righteousness with Him at his or her side.



INDIVIDUAL THERAPY - Your therapist will work with you to identify and understand your specific needs, your basic problems and offer you one-on-one treatment, support and accountability as you experience growth.


MARITAL / COUPLES THERAPY – We often work with couples to improve the quality of their relationships. We help them set realistic expectations of their life together, and practice the skills necessary to preserve a healthy marriage.


FAMILY THERAPY - A problem experienced by one family member often affects everyone in the family. Therefore, we work with part or all of the family to encourage the changes that enable families to solve their problems.


GROUP THERAPY – Sometimes it’s helpful to learn with a professional therapist how other people have struggled with a problem similar to yours, to hear that your feelings are normal, that you’re not alone. Group therapy can help you learn problem-solving skills and process issues. 









Evaluations & Testing

PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING– Psychological testing done by a licensed psychotherapist who is trained to do psychological evaluation.


Learn about psychological testing

1. Alcohol & Drug Assessment 


2. Substance Abuse Program (Learn more)

  • Individual Therapy

  • Couples and Family Therapy

  • Group Therapy


3. Substance Dependence Program (Learn more)

  • Individual Therapy

  • Couples and Family Therapy

  • On-going Recovery Group








Referrals to Other Resources

As we work with you we will be assessing your needs, and making referrals for other services as needed. We make frequent referrals for medication evaluations, psychological testing, medical health care, financial counseling, primary treatment for chemical dependence and other addictions, and evaluations for learning disabilities and other developmental disorders.

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