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Upcoming and Ongoing Groups

Woman's Betrayal Trauma Group

This group is targeted specifically for women affected by betrayal in their marriage. This group will dive into what betrayal trauma is and how it affects the brain and body as well as ways to begin healing in practical ways.

Facilitated by Melissa Ruff, LPC- IT

Group to be offered this year.

Open Enrollment & Ongoing

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Anxiety & Depression Therapy Group for Women 

This group will offer women a safe place to learn practical interventions to help manage their anxiety and/or depression. It will also provide a supportive environment to find community with others that understand.

Facilitated by Cheri Milton, LMFT 

Group postponed due to low interest. 

Open Enrollment & Ongoing

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Improving Your Self-Confidence

Discover how improving your self-confidence contributes to good mental, physical and spiritual health.
Join this 8-week, confidential and professionally
led group to improve your sense of self.

Group starts Wednesday, March 30, 2022


Open Enrollment & Ongoing

Boundaries Support & Practice for Women 

This monthly therapeutic support and practice group is designed for women who want to focus on developing and maintaining healthy boundaries in their lives and relationships.


This confidential group will help clients to identify and transform boundary issues into boundary strengths, within the context of other Christians who are open to learning; supporting and growing from the power of the God intended boundaries in their lives.


Clients are welcome to join for a few sessions or many sessions, one per month, with each group providing space to build fellowship, update on boundary progress, and identify key focus areas in all of our lives where healthy boundaries are so crucial.


This group will meet the third Monday of each month from 6-8 pm

Open Enrollment & Ongoing

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