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Sexual Addictions & Prevention


Our main goal is to provide loving support and “meet our client where they are”, while developing appropriate accountability for the specific behaviors and patterns being addressed. We strive to empower our clients to develop the skills of self-awareness and competency of responding to the underlying issues, as well as learning to overcome barriers to a genuine motivation for change. Ultimately, our pursuit is aimed towards helping our clients establish relational and spiritual rehabilitation of the previous issues,  and experience the deep blessings of reintegration into the quality of relationships and spiritual levels God intended for all of us.



Ways We Can Help


  • Assessments:

    • A confidential meeting, as an individual or a couple, to assess your current situation, establish what is really needed, and provide recommendations of available resources within the community, your church and professional therapy services.


  • Individual Therapy:

    • Meeting one on one with the person struggling or with a family member of someone struggling with sexual issues. The therapist will work with you to identify specific needs and help you create a personalized plan for growth and support.


  • Couples Therapy:

    • Meeting as a couple to identify specific needs and help your relationship address issues to promote growth and recovery.


  • Presentations, Workshops and Trainings:

    • In a variety of formats, we offer presentations, workshops and trainings on sexual issues. We can conduct these in various settings and locations (churches, community centers, etc.)


  • Group Therapy:

    • We offer a variety of confidential therapy groups that aim at addressing core issues, facilitated by a trained professional therapist and within the presence of others who struggle and are working towards recovery.

    • Current Groups Offered:

      • Men’s Hidden Addiction Therapy Group

      • Women who are Partners of Men with a Hidden Addiction Therapy Group

      • Couple’s Recovery Therapy Group

Follow Up Programs:


We offer a purposeful selection of workshops, trainings, and other programs to help you continue the journey of recovery and restoration in your life.

  • Spiritual Development

  • Trauma and Wounds

  • Grief and Forgiveness

  • Overcoming Attachment and Codependency Issues

  • Communication and Conflict Skills

  • Boundary and Assertiveness Skills

  • Developing a Support System and Accountability Plan

  • Preventative Programs for Your Youth and Family


Referrals and Community Resources


We commit to finding you the most effective and appropriate level of care, and we maintain connection to other professionals and resources to refer to  if needed for consultation, collaboration or a direct referral

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