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Substance Dependence Program



The Substance Dependence Program consists of three parts:


1. Individual Therapy is one-on-one time with a therapist.  During these sessions, the client and the therapist develop goals and a personal plan for the client’s recovery as well as address issues that may have contributed to the client’s drug or alcohol usage.  

2. Marital/Couples/Family Therapy -  God made us to be in relationship with Him, ourselves and others. Since we can struggle in relationships we also need to heal in relationships. If it is appropriate, your therapist may recommend couples or family therapy.

3. Treatment Group – These groups will meet every week for 2 hours.  Small group therapy sessions provide fellowship, inspiration, and motivation for recovering individuals experiencing the highs and lows of recovery.  The Center for Christian Counseling, Consultation and Training, Inc. believes treatment groups are a vital facet of healing and recovery.  When participating in group therapy, a person can learn effective communication skills and lean on others in recovery.  Sharing feelings, thoughts, and emotions with others is a positive activity, which helps the client reaffirm and rededicate to the goal of recovery.



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