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Mental Health Counseling, Consultation & Training Services


Since 1981, the Center for Christian Counseling in Madison, WI (The Center) has been a state of Wisconsin certified mental health outpatient clinic.  The goal of The Center is to provide quality Christ-centered care to each client that comes to the clinic.  The Center provides counseling to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.  The Center provides a consultation service to both churches and organizations in the community.  The Center also provides training and presentations on a wide variety of issues and topics.

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Sexual Addictions & Prevention

Intoxicated Driver


The Center for Christian Counseling, Consultation and Training, Inc. provides different levels of care to meet the recovery needs of those struggling with alcohol or drug use:


1. Alcohol & Drug Assessment


2. Substance Abuse Program

  • Group Therapy

  • Individual Therapy


3. Substance Dependence Program

  • Intensive Outpatient Group Therapy

  • On-going Recovery Group

  • Individual Therapy


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This program is for individuals in Dane County who have been assessed in response to an arrest for Operating While Intoxicated violator and who have a Driver Safety Plan that requires treatment.  These individuals are referred only to an Approved Intoxicated Driver Program (IDP).  The Center for Christian Counseling, Consultation and Training, Inc. is an approved provider for Dane County.

The Center for Christian Counseling is proud to offer a staff that consists of therapists nationally trained and certified in the specialty of sexual addiction. The Center helps children, teens, men, women, couples and families how to live Christ-honoring lives in a world of sexual immorality.


As Christian specialists in this field, we don’t view sexual integrity issues just as a sexual or impulsive behavior issue or just a “I know better so I will stop now” issue, rather, we see it as an intimacy and relationship issue (an emotional, relational and spiritual intimacy disorder). Therefore, we therapeutically treat our clients from a biological, cognitive, emotional, behavioral, relational and spiritual perspective.


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Presentations, Seminars, Workshops & Groups


All throughout the year many of our therapists offer an outreach ministry on various therapy topics as well as provide training to outside groups such as church groups (church staff, leadership team, Stephen ministry, parents of youth, youth/teen groups, Celebrate Recovery, etc.), Christian school groups (staff, parents, students), and to other non-profit organizations.  There is quite a wide variety of topics that can be addressed in any of these venues and our staff are able to adapt thier material to the needs of each organization they work with.


To facilitate this outreach ministry, we offer four different distinct formats: Presentations, Seminars, Workshops and Groups.  To learn more about the disinction for each of these format as well as the different categories therapeutic programs offered, click on either of the links below.


Read More About the Distinction of Formats Offered


Read More About Categories of Therapeutic Programs Offered


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