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Many of our clients are willing to provide a testimonial about their experience here at The Center for Christian Counseling, Consultation and Training, Inc.  We are grateful.   I appreciate the excellence, professionalism and genuine care of our therapists – upholding to the Christian values upon which we were founded.  We are a team that works together, each in our own area of gifting and strength, to provide every client the best opportunity to have their hurts healed and to reap personal growth in the process.


We enjoy doing a “good work” as unto the Lord, and we also like hearing about it.  Who doesn’t like sincere approbation?  We also want to receive healthy and constructive criticism so that we may grow and mature ourselves.  You can be a vital part in our improvement!


We provide a Client Testimonial Form to facilitate the communication of your input.  If you would like to provide such feedback to us, please fill out the form and return it to us. (Click here for PDF version or submit below)


Here to serve you,



Bill Zehner

Office Manager/Outreach Coordinator

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