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Testimonials from Pastors



"As a pastor in the Madison region, I have referred many individuals, and couples to the Center for Christian Counseling for over 30 years. I have been able to do so with confidence that those I refer will receive professional care from a Biblical Christian perspective. The feedback has always been positive and they have proven to be a valuable resource for pastors and the Christian community." - Pastor Roger Olsen, Grace Church New Glarus, WI



"As a Pastor I have recommended numerous individuals to the Center for Christian Counseling over the years. It is wonderful to hear & see how their fine counselors provide Biblical, balanced & wise counsel for numerous life situations. These include valuable help with marriages in crisis, parenting challenges, sexual addictions & many mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, personality disorders, & bipolarity."  - From Area Pastor



"I have seen firsthand what an incredible resource The Center for Christian Counseling is to our community. On numerous occasions I have directed people from our church to The Center, and in every instance, the impact was obvious. I am grateful for the wisdom, guidance and counsel that is available to the greater Madison area. - Jon McNary Lead Pastor, Heartland: Sun Prairie



"I've found The Center a good resource for me as a pastor as well as to refer clients.  I appreciate that they have a free initial phone screening/intake with a client and that the clinic is able to take a number of insurance plans and does offer a grant program for clients who cannot afford to pay the full counseling fee." - Pastor David Carlson




"I have found the Pastor’s Support group to be something I look forward to and try to never miss.  Bill Minser leads this confidential support group for Pastor’s with gentleness and wisdom. He has over 40 years of pastoral experience so he knows how to provide a setting for Pastor’s to freely share what in on their hearts and find support from one another. I encourage every Pastor to take a break from their busy schedules and care for their spiritual, emotional & relational well-beings. As an added bonus this is a free opportunity!"  - Pastor Dave Gagnon, Blackhawk Church





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