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Distinction Between Presentations, Seminars, Workshops & Groups



A presentation is done by a therapist and is typically one to two hours.  The focus of the presentation is on a particular topic such as depression, communication, anger, parenting, etc.  Although questions may be asked and answered, the focus is for the therapist to present information on the topic.




A seminar is similar to a presentation but is for a longer period of time.  Seminars are typically either for a half or full day.  The focus of the seminar is on a particular topic such as sexual addiction, loss and grief, forgiveness, etc. Since there is more time there is also more opportunity for the audience to ask questions.




A workshop is similar to a seminar in regards to the amount of time spent at the workshop (typically a half or full day).  A workshop focuses on a particular topic but unlike a seminar, the workshop is more interactive.  In a workshop the participants not only listen to the presenter but also take time during the workshop to apply the material being presented.




Groups focus on a particular topic, such as sexual addiction, depression, forgiveness, loss and grief, couples issues, etc.  Groups have a smaller number of participants, usually six to eight.  Groups also meet weekly, usually on the same day at the same time for a number of consecutive weeks (typically 12-28 weeks).  In a group all the group members commit to coming to each group.  In a closed group, once the group starts no group members can be added.  In an open group, new group members may join the group at any time.  Most of the groups (except for some AODA groups at The Center) are closed groups.


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