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Dealing with the Cost of Treatment



While the mission statement of The Center is: to serve the area Christian community with quality, Christ-centered care, we also desire to make this possible to everyone, regardless of ability to pay.  These are the avenues that we have at our disposal to make our services affordable to all:



  • Insurance – For those clients that have health insurance the issue comes down to whether we are a network provider with their insurance, or if we would be out-of-network.  Coverage is better when we are in their network of providers (clients can call to inquire about their specific plan).


  • Self-Pay – For those that do not have insurance or if their insurance does not cover them here at The Center, then the question is whether they can afford the cost themselves.  While many of our clients can afford the cost themselves, we are concerned and care about those who cannot.



Forms of Assistance to Share with Your Client:


  • Family – A great resource for some of our clients is their family.  While parents have been the most numerous resource for our clients, there may be someone else in their greater family that may be willing and able to help.


  • Friend – Sometimes there is a friend that is willing to help out financially (sometimes anonymously too), perhaps someone who has also been a support to them in the area that they are struggling. 


  • Grants – Most (not all) of our therapist do offer grants to those that apply and are eligible.  We have a short, 1-page Grant Application Form that a client can fill out to see how much of a grant they would qualify for. 


  • Church – Because we have more than a dozen area churches that do provide financial assistance to clients, we always encourage clients to contact their pastor to inquire whether this is something their church can help with.  For clients that need the most assistance, we combine a grant from The Center with assistance from their church, and this makes it affordable for most situations. 


Looking for more information?

If you would like more information or would like to talk further about a special financial agreement with your church and The Center, please contact Bill Zehner at 274-8294.  Here is an example of the Fee Agreement that we use with those that partner with us to make therapy affordable for all (click here to see form). 


  • Referrals – When it is clear that we are not the answer for a particular client, we do what we can to offer other solutions for either Christ-centered care or in some cases more affordable care options.


  • Other – If you have an idea for other means making professional treatment affordable for those clients needing assistance, we welcome your input!


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