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Administrative Questions



What is the first step in seeing a counselor/therapist?


A simple phone call to the front office, where one of our administration staff, either Betsy or Bill, will initiate the process.  By answering a few questions over the phone, we can complete an “Intake Form” which helps the Clinical Director select the most appropriate therapist for your needs and goals.


When I call for an initial appointment, how do I select the best therapist for me and my situation?


If you don't have a particular therapist that you definitely want to work with, that is no problem.  With the information that  you provide on the initial phone call "Intake", all of that information goes to our Clinical Director (same day) and with the information you provide he selects the therapist that is best suited for you and your needs/goals.  Among the criteria that go into making such a decision are: age, stage in life, preference for male/female therapist, days/times you can meet, specific area(s) you would like help with, etc.  Clients can get a "flavor" of the different theraipists that are a part of our team by reviewing their profiles on our website (see Our Team).


Will my health insurance cover my counseling?


The best way to answer this question is to call the number on the back side of your insurance card (Customer Service or Benefits & Eligibility) and ask the customer service rep what your benefits are for Mental/Behavioral Health out-patient office visits (those specific words).  You will need to tell them whether your provider is In-network or Out-of-network (see next FAQ for that answer).


Which health insurance companies are you In-network with?


We have In-network providers (therapists) in the following insurance plans:  The Alliance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Dean Health Plan, Humana Military/Tri-Care Tri-Care, Quartz, WEA Trust, and WPS (Wisconsin Physician Service).  If you have a PPO or POS plan with another health insurance company you very possibly may have coverage here at The Center (call your health insurance to learn your specific coverage Out-of-Network.


Do you take Medicare, Medicaid, or BadgerCare?


Yes, we do have therapists that are able to take clients with Medicare, Medicaid and Badger Care. We can service individuals who have straight Badger Care or Badger Care managed by Dean Health Plan; no other kinds of Badger Care of Medicaid.


My health insurance does not cover at The Center (or I don’t have health insurance) and I’m not sure I can afford to be Self-Pay.  What are my options?


Many clients have found help with the cost of counseling from a) a family member, b) a friend, c) their home church (The Center has arrangements/agreements with over a dozen Dane County churches to help clients financially), d) applying for a grant via a Grant Application Form.

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