Psychiatric Evaluation




A psychiatric evaluation is done by a licensed psychiatrist who is a medical doctor specifically in psychiatry. Psychiatry is the branch of medicine concerned with the prevention and treatment of the mind and emotions.  In a psychiatric evaluation, all areas of the persons life are looked at including their physical health, psychological history, relationships with family and others as well as clients spiritual journey.  From this information, the psychiatrist is able to do a summary of issues and give specific recommendations related to each issue.



A comprehensive interview, assessment, and when necessary, a review of current and past medical, psychiatric and psychological records.  This (bio–psycho–social–spiritual) evaluation includes:


  • Biological – individual medical, family medical, biological psychiatric review

  • Psychological – review of developmental and current psychological functions

  • Social – review of relational history and current relational strengths and weaknesses

  • Spiritual – faith history, current spiritual issues


A diagnostic formulation is made with recommendation for further evaluation (if needed) including medical tests, psychological tests, further past record review.


Treatment recommendations which may include:

  • Specific medical treatment

  • Psychiatric medications

  • Specific individual therapy

  • Relational therapy

  • Spiritual walk – in therapy, with current minister or spiritual director.