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Therapeutic Programs Offered- Healthy Sexuality


Men’s Hidden Addictions

This program is designed for men who are struggling with issues of hidden addictions and issues of sexuality. The group therapy format consists of meeting once a week for 28 sessions in a confidential and supportive setting with other men who struggle with similar issues.



Developing Healthy Sexual Integrity

This program is designed to help young men develop and maintain sexual integrity in their lives. This educational and interactive group will provide a safe and confidential opportunity to learn and explore with other peers that also face and struggle with the various temptations that society bombards us with. This goal of this program is to help you understand God’s blueprint for sexual purity and experience the benefits of a deeper relationship with yourself and God, as you learn practical ways to develop sexual integrity in your life.



Women’s Therapy for Partners of Men with Hidden Addiction

This program is focused on supporting women whose partners are struggling with sexual compulsive or addictive behaviors. The group therapy format will be a supportive, nurturing environment that encourages personal growth and increased understanding of the nature of addiction.

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