We are here to serve the Madison Christian Community
and we are accredited and approved as:
A State of Wisconsin Certified Outpatient Mental Health Clinic
A State of Wisconsin Certified Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Clinic
A Dane County Approved Intoxicated Driver Program Provider

We are here to help!


Providing Christian Counseling in

Madison, WI since 1981

Upcoming Events

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Grief, Loss & Transition
Starting May 17, 2016
Men's Healthy Wholeness
Open Enrollment & Ongoing Group
Boundaries & Support Practice for Women
Open Enrollment & Ongoing Group

Upcoming Events

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(Must be a current client to be a part of any therapy group)
Christian Parenting with Boundaries: Support & Practice
Starting September 6, 2017
Men's Healthy Wholeness
Starting September 11, 2017
Open Enrollment & Ongoing Group
Women's Support for Partners of Men with Hidden Addictions
Starting October 2, 2017
Men's Hidden Addictions
Starting October 3, 2017

Welcome! We are glad you are here!  I would like to take this moment to welcome you to The Center for Christian Counseling, Consultation and Training, Inc. website!  As a State of Wisconsin certified outpatient psychotherapy clinic since 1981 and a State Certified Drug & Alcohol Clinic, each therapist strives to offer the most complete care to meet each individual client’s needs.  The staff here at The Center are eager to combine competence in understanding human relationships with a willingness to call upon the power of God to heal people’s hurt while bringing ongoing personal growth. We will, with God’s help, as a clinic, strive to follow these ten principles with every person that we come into contact with including each other.


Responsive: Provide a timely response to each phone call, voice mail or request.

Safe: Provide a safe & confidential atmosphere to each person that reaches out to us or works with us.

Love: Work to live out God’s love with every person that comes into contact with

Respect: Give respect to each person that reaches out to us and works with us.

Honest: In everything that we say and do.

Prepared: Be prepared for every meeting or task that we do.

Detail: Give attention to detail in everything we do.

Quality: Provide superior quality in everything we do.

Follow Thru: Follow thru on every commitment we make.

Stewardship: To be efficient and effective with yours and our time, energy or money and not be wasteful.


We do care!


Kevin C. Randall, Clinical Director

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